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* Terms & Conditions are applicable.

1) The renter received the vehicle in good order & condition and will return the same together with tyres, tools, car documents, accessories and equipment in the same condition, to the agreed return location and the date specified overleaf.

2) The vehicle shall not be operated:

  • To transport goods in violation of customs regulations;
  • To transport passengers or property for a remunerate
  • To propel or tow any vehicle;
  • In motor sports event;
  • By a driver under the influence of drink or drugs;
  • By any person other than the renter;
  • Outside the country of rental without the express agreement of lessor.

3) The renter is personally liable to pay:

  • A mileage charge computed at the rate specified overleaf for the mileage covered by the vehicle until the vehicle is returned;
  • The applicable local taxes (if any) payable on the aforesaid items;
  • All fines and court costs for parking , traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle;
  • Lessors costs, including legal fees where permitted by law, incurred collection payments due from renter hereunder;
  • Lessor’s costs of repairing damage howsoever caused to the actual vehicle supplied. Plus loss of revenue at the daily rate shown overleaf based on lessors loss of use of the vehicle;
  • An extra charge for Second or Third driver, but requires to inform us, so we can put them on the Rental CONTRACT;
  • Lessor’s cost of replacing the vehicle in the event of theft;
  • Cost of fuel consumed during rental together with any refueling chargers;
  • Time, collision damage waiver (if any), theft protection (if any), personal accident insurance (if any), and miscellaneous charges at the rate specified overleaf.

4) Renter agrees further to protect the interests of lessor’s and its insurance company in case of accident, loss or damage to the vehicle by;

  • obtaining names and addresses of parties involved, and witnesses;
  • not admitting liability or guilty or giving money to any person involved;
  • notifying the lessors by telephone even incase of a slight damage;
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is always locked when unattended;
  • Notifying the police immediately if another party’s guilt has to be ascertained, or if any person is injured.

5) That should Renter purchase personal accident insurance.

6) That in the event of any breach by the renter of any of the terms and condition hereof lessor may without notice repossess the vehicle and for such purpose may enter upon premises where the vehicle may be and remove the same and renter shall be responsible for and indemnify lessor against all action, claims, costs and damages consequent upon or arising from such repossession made and removal.

7) That if by virtue of the billing instruction as completed overleaf it is renter’s intention to pay by credit card or charge card, then renter’s signature overleaf constitutes authority for lessor to compute and debit the final total charges, including charges due as a result of theft of, or damage to the vehicle, against renter’s account with the specified card issuing organization. The rate of exchange used on any currency conversion shall be conclusively determined by lessor.

8) That any addition or alteration to these terms and conditions shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

9) Vehicle are rented on a daily 24 hour basis, beginning at your pick up time, there’s a 29 mins grace period for return, hourly charges may apply, after 3 hours late, a full day charge may apply.

10) The Renter must have a CLASS “C” or an INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE for Self drive proposes.

11) Upon signing the contract, the car passes an inspection and findings are made and recorded in the contract. Upon returning the car by the client, an authorized employee of the company inspects the car and if he finds losses and damages caused by renters fault, then the renter is responsible for the damage and losses.

12) We require a returnable deposit to be left in cash OR guaranteed by credit card for each car. The deposit will be returned to the customer after the car is returned.

13) The cars available for renting are well maintained and kept in very good technical condition, however technical problems may occur, in such cases the client has to contact us on the Emergency telephone numbers which are written on the renting contract.

14) The Customer acknowledges that any property placed within the Vehicle is there at his own risk and that the Company has no responsibility for such Property.

15) In case of loosing the car documents, rental agreement or car keys, a charge of $ 30 will be applied.

16) The car booking must be done before 5 days in advance and it will become effective only when SMART RENTAL CAR LTD confirms it. The booking cancellation must take place 3 days before the rental schedule period; otherwise the basic rental amount will be lost.

17) NOTE TO HIRER: The owner must give you at least one copy of the rental Agreement. A copy must be kept in the vehicle throughout the term of the hire and produced on demand by any police officer or traffic officer.

18) That this agreement be governed by the construed in accordance with the laws of the country of rental.

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